Robin Christian Andersen

The Art Agency Weinpolter purchases quality paintings by Robin Christian Andersen. Detailed information about the artist:


Robin Christian Andersen (Vienna 1890 - Vienna 1969)

Werner Berg was born on April 11 1904 in Elberfeld, North Rhine-Westphalia. He studied political science in Cologne, Bonn and Vienna. In 1927 he began to study the art of painting. His teachers were Karl Sterrer (Vienna), K. Caspar (Munich) and Emil Nolde. Werner Berg travelled extensively in Minor Asia and Europe where he visited, among other countries, Scandinavia and France. 

Apart from paintings he made woodcuts. His motifs were landscapes and the people of Southern Carinthia where Werner Berg owned a land property. He spent his last days there and died on the 7 September 1981. 


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