Norbertine Bresslern-Roth

The Art Agency Weinpolter purchases quality paintings by Norbertine Bresslern-Roth. Detailed information about the artist:


Norbertine Bresslern-Roth (Graz 1891 - Graz 1978)

Norbertine von Bresslern-Roth was born in 1891 in Graz. She was an animal and portrait miniature painter as well as a graphic designer. From 1901 to 1910 she studied under Alfred Schrötter at the School of Arts in Graz. She continued her studies from 1911 to 1916 at the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts under Ferdinand Schmutzer. The artist then attended Hans Hajek's school for animal painting in Dachau. In 1916 Norbertine von Bresslern-Roth returned to Graz where she worked mainly as an animal painter: together with Carl Fahringer and Heinrich Ludwig Jungnickel she is considered one Austria's most important animal painters; Brangwyn even pronounced her the greatest animal painter of her time.

In 1928 Norbertine von Bresslern-Roth went on a study trip to North Africa, which, in addition to her studies at various zoological gardens, had a great impact on her extremely varied works: paintings such as "Lions breaking into the Kraal" and "Dying Lion, pierced by arrows" date back to that time. Apart from her dramatic animal paintings she painted decorative, stylised figure compositions such as "Dancing Women" or "Bird Hunter". 

Norbertine von Bresslern-Roth received several awards, among them the Golden Medal of the city of Graz in 1922, the Honorary Prize of the city of Vienna in 1934 and twice the Austrian State Medal. She was a member of the VBKÖ, the Austrian Association of Women artists. Norbertine von Bresslern-Roth became famous for her colourful linocuts and gobelin designs. Some of her works are on display of the Joanneum in Graz. 


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