Marie Egner

The Art Agency Weinpolter purchases quality paintings by Marie Egner. Detailed information about the artist:


Marie Egner (Radkersburg, Steiermark 1850 - 1940 Wien)

Marie Egner was born in Radkersburg in Styria in 1850. 

From 1867 to 1872 Marie Egner was a disciple of Hermann von Königsbrunn in Graz, between 1872 to 1874 Carl Jungheim was her teacher at the Academy of Düsseldorf. There she met Hugo Darnaut who was to become a life-long friend. In 1881 she was admitted to the circle of painters around Emil-Jakob Schindler, who was her teacher until 1888. Together with Schindler's disciples Carl Moll and Olga Wisinger-Florian, Egner stayed serveral summers at Schindler's property Schloss Plankenberg. The artists worked together in a very intensive and fruitful way. Schindler plays an important part in the woman's artistic as well as private life.

Marie Egner was known to travel throughout Europe. In 1882 her painting "Lombardische Dorfstraße" was shown in the Vienna Künstlerhaus. She also exhibited at the Royal Academy in London (1888), at the Berliner Kunstausstellung (1898) and at the world exposition in Paris (1900). From 1887 on she was in charge of a painting school in England. She was a member of the Austrian Association of Women Artists. Marie Egner painted many landscapes with motifs taken from the Wachau and the Alps and from her various journeys abroad. Marie Egner died in 1940 in Vienna.


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