Eugen Jettel

The Art Agency Weinpolter purchases quality paintings by Eugen Jettel. Detailed information about the artist:


Eugen Jettel (Johnsdorf, Mähren 1846 - Lussingrande 1901)

Together with Emil-Jakob Schindler, Rudolf Ribarz and Robert Russ, Eugen Jettel studied landscape painting at the Vienna University of Fine Arts. Their teacher was A. Zimmermann. In 1873 Jettel moved to Paris where he lived until 1897 and was influenced by the pre-impressionist painters of The Barbizon School.

The young artist developed a passion for tone painting. The colours brown, red, and later grey as well as all earth colours dominate and have become a characteristic of the painter's work. He and Anton von Pettenkofen were close friends. Eugen Jettel travelled to northern France, the Netherlands and Hungary; together with Leopold-Carl Müller he went to Italy in 1873/74, which was possible because of his stable financial situation due to his early successes.

In 1893 Eugen Jettel joined the newly founded Vienna Secession. He spent the last years of his life in Vienna but still went on numerous journeys to Istria. He painted lowlands, the scene being dominated by a huge sky and a straight horizon. In addition he used his knowledge of Japanese woodblock printing in his work. While eager not to neglect actual realities, Jettel was concerned to convey the inner truth of things.


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