Emil Jakob Schindler

The Art Agency Weinpolter purchases quality paintings by Emil Jakob Schindler. Detailed information about the artist:


Emil Jakob Schindler (Vienna 1900 - Vienna 1961)

Emil Schindler was meant to enter a military education like his father when in 1860 he met A.Zimmermann, a well-known landscape painter. Schindler entered the Academy of Arts in Vienna, where he studied until 1869. The very same year Schindler was participating at the "1st International Art Exhibition" in Munich. Various pieces of the painters of the school of Barbizon were shown there. Motivated through French Pleinairism, Schindler started focusing on open-air painting. In his earlier years he was associated with the German romantics and, among similar works, painted his famous "Waldfräulein". 

1873 Emil Schindler travelled to Dalamatia, where upon the request of the industrialist Friedrich Baron von Leitenberger, he would come up with two paintings. In 1875 to 1877 he travelled along with fellow painter Tina Blau to Holland. 1879 he married the singer Anna Bergen. Their daughter Alma, soon to be known world-wide due to her romance with Oskar Kokoschka und her marriages with Gustav Mahler, Walter Gropius and Franz Werfel. 

1881 Schindler tarvelled to Paris, Karlsbad and the Northsea. In 1882 and 1884 he decided to stay in Goiser for the summer, considering nature as a motif for his paintings. His students were Olga Wisinger-Florian, Marie Egner and Carl Moll, who after the sudden death of Schindler went on to marry his widow. Right after Schindler's passing the "Künstlerhaus " arranged an "In Memoriam Exhibition" as well as an estate auction. 

What matters in Emil Jakobs Schindler's work, similar to French Impressionism, is the perception of the changing weather and landscape. In Austria, this is known as "Stimmungsimpressionismus", which could be translated as "sentimental impressionism".


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