Carl Moll

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Carl Moll (Wien 1861 - Vienna 1945)

The landscape, genre and still life painter began his studies under C. Griepenkerl at the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts in 1880. Because of health problems Carl Moll had to quit his studies and became a private disciple of Emil Jakob Schindler from 1881 to 1892. The two of them were to be close friends and after his death Carl Moll married his teacher's widow. Initially a member of the Vienna Kuenstlerhaus, together with Wilhelm Bernatzik, Josef Hoffmann, Josef Olbrich and Gustav Klimt (the so-called "Klimt Group") he founded the Vienna Secession in 1897 but only to leave it in 1905. 

Carl Moll travelled to Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Italy and Spain. In 1908 and 1909 he was one of the organizers of the important "Kunstschau" exhibits. He also was the artistic director of the renowned gallery "Miethke" where he organised numerous exhibitions from Waldmueller to Cézanne. In 1931 he was awarded the Golden State Medal and was made an honorary citizen of the city of Vienna. 

Initially influenced by the "Poetic Realism" of Emil Jakob Schindler his style evolved into a colourful Impressionism similar to that of many French painters. Carl Moll focused on the changing seasons and how these presented themselves in various stages of light. He frequently painted motifs from Heiligenstadt or Grinzing on the outskirts of Vienna. 

Carl Moll, his daughter Maria and her husband committed suicide after the Russian invasion in 1945. 


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