Albert Birkle

The Art Agency Weinpolter purchases quality paintings by Albert Birkle. Detailed information about the artist:


Albert Birkle (Berlin 1900 - Salzburg 1986 )

Albert Birkle was born in 1900 in Berlin. Before starting an apprenticeship as a decorative painter at his father's factory, Albert Birkle did military service in World War I. From 1918 to 1924 he studied at the Academy of Berlin. Along with his social commitment in the Berlin of the beginning 1920s, he created socio-critical paintings and drawings. In 1923 Albert Birkle joined the Berlin Secession. From 1924 to 1927 he is a student in the master class of Arthur von Kampf at the Academy of Arts in Prussia. In 1924 he had his first major collective exhibition in the Künstlerhaus in Berlin. Other exhibitions in various German cities followed in 1929 and 1932. 

Albert Birkle travelled extensively to Austria, Italy, Poland, Denmark, Norway and France. In 1933 he moved to Salzburg and found a major financial supporter in the collector Dr. M. Neumann. Though his works were branded "degenerated" by the National Socialists, Albert Birkle could continue to work under the protection of J. Thorak. In World War II he was a soldier and war painter. From the 1930s on Albert Birkle created important works as a glass painter, such as the windows of the churches of Herrenberg and Weitingen in Wurttemberg, of the Blasiuskirche in Salzburg and of the National Cathedral in Washington D.C. Apart from his glass paintings, Albert Birkle painted frescoes for the Schiller Theatre in Berlin and, more importantly, portraits and landscapes. A so-called "magic realism" is characteristic for his work.


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